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I want to continue telling you about our NY experience… We arrived on a Thursday and on the Friday I went off to meet my friend Nicole for lunch. After catching up over a delightful lunch I went off to a warehouse I found on the internet where one can buy all kinds of vintage jewellery… NY was hot and humid and I loved walking the streets and experiencing the city at its best (well warm weather was certainly welcome after the temperamental Vancouver climate).

I did not have much time as we had an early dinner rehearsal at 4pm for the wedding and here I was on W. 36th Avenue at 2:30pm not knowing how far the dinner venue was but I had to see this warehouse! So, I walk in to CJS Sales and am welcomed by the owner Carl Schimel – He was a bit skeptical at first as I did not have a business number but he did let me browse… and let me tell you, that place had a lot of beads, crafts, cabochons ALL OVER THE PLACE and I would have needed AGES to find the things I was looking for… Here are a couple of pictures to show you what I mean…

And these pictures are only one corner of the warehouse… I spent about half an hour and did manage to buy a few things which I am so excited about making – will show you as soon as they are done… In case you are wondering I did get to the dinner rehearsal on time, in fact I was one of the first people which does make for a pleasant change! and this is after trying to haul a taxi thinking that I was late but little did I know that taxis change over at 5pm and it seems that starting from 3:30pm most of the drivers do not want to take on new passengers…

So, after spending a wonderful time, we left NY on a Monday morning when the rain was torrential and it was extremely hard finding a taxi… It was interesting to go through the experience of waiting at the corner of the street in East Village protected from the rain by that awning of a shop and trying to get some taxis to stop… don’t want to be back there at that moment, but all in all, ok I am going to repeat myself now, WE LOVE NY and we will visit again soon, we hope.

And on this note, just want to let you know that  I am waiting for new jewellery supplies to start some new designs – and it looks like my friend Meli and I are going to take part in a craft sale on November 27, very exciting and more on this later…

Next time, I am going to tell you about a house – or rather the special things that happen in front of that house…

See you then!


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Hello all you lovelies, how are you on this sunny day? (well it is sunny here in Vancouver) :o)

I have been meaning to write about our trip to New York and am just now managing to put words on paper, rather on keyboard!

I know this is a cliche but I do love NY – we had the opportunity to visit at the end of September for my hubbie’s cousin’s wedding and it was a joy, pure joy. That is not to say that we didn’t have our challenges with our little people but even with that it was a fantastic time spent. We stayed in this groovy place in East Village called Bed and Coffee and I think if on a NY budget I would stay there again – we loved the East Village vibe. It was just up our street and a lot like Commercial Drive, our hood in Vancouver, except with many more people!

There were three highlights to our trip – my friend Nicole, the wedding and another friend John and his family. It was great seeing Nicole after so many years – we spent wonderful times together while in Armenia about 8 years ago now! Might I add that she is a fantastic jewellery designer – I will ask her to send me some of her designs to show you.

The wedding was fabulous, we enjoyed every minute of the reception as the kids were with a babysitter in the bride’s hotel room just round the corner from the restaurant.

and seeing John and his wife Eva after so many years was great too – they have three boys and two of them are already teenagers! How time flies… Eva is a filmmaker now and she has made ‘naughty’ short films about certain sexual fantasies for the London erotic shop, Coco de Mer. You can watch the films here but beware, they are a bit naughty and I love them!

I have a lot more to say about our NY trip and this has to be continued in the next few days as I am tired and sleep is calling me… You will notice that this post began in the morning and ended at nearly midnight tonight! Ah, the life of a busy part time working mother, you just have to love it!

Sweet dreams.


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