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Hope you had a wonderful Christmas Day!

This is a quick post to show you what we got up to so far in the countdown to 2011 – 3 days to go!

Christmas Day was pretty relaxed, especially as I did not do any cooking. H spent the morning cooking and then we enjoyed a steaming cup of Armenian coffee with cardamom. yum!

Nibbles were had.

Now this is something that really excited me actually on Christmas Eve. It is a present from a friend who made it for me to display my jewellery. I just love it and am very touched by the very thought of it, really! And the work that she put into it, and she works full time and has two kids! Thank you!

My Little Man got a Ukelele from his dad and they did some rocking together that same day. Just too sweet. I know H, ever the musician, would be chuffed if his son took up guitar or any other instrument for that matter.

We did some art with the Djeco Birds of Paradise Coloured Sand Kit. It was a present from some good friends and let me tell you it is a hit! Thank you!

I must say that the time had with my kids is getting better and better as the years progress. Not to say that I did not like spending time with them since their births. However, as they grow and start talking and understanding more it is such a joy to have conversations with them and to share a joke or two. We are having a great time with both the Little Man and Lady, but our Little Man is surpassing our Little Lady in speech (obviously!) and he wants an explanation for everything. And the most rewarding times are when he is actually listening and sucking it all in and he exudes pride and confidence when we let him make his own decisions within the limits that we set for him. Just priceless times we are living, really!

And talking about priceless… I have this angel on our mantelpiece. I love it. It brings me joy each time I look at it. It was a present from my sister when the Little Lady was born. I hope that you have your angel watching over you making sure you are safe, healthy and happy.

oh, and one last mention relating to my last post. The Polka Dott Cone Shaped Bunny is made by Mymimi. I think it must be sold out as I couldn’t find it on sale on her website… I need to confirm that it was from her though but I am pretty sure she made it.

Enjoy the last few days of 2010.

2011, I am ready!


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Around this time of the year I miss my family a lot. It gets colder out, the days get shorter and warmth, love and support are needed more. I am lucky though to have some family and good friends I can rely on and vice versa.

So, this week so far has been good. My little girl is turning 2 tomorrow and let me tell you she is right on cue for the terrible twos. My son wasn’t so much, he started a little later at three! However much it is challenging and sometimes my voice is cracking because of you know what, a moment of joy creeps in at the most unexpected times and I am thankful, oh so thankful for everything beautiful around me.

Look at this beauty Jivan created in his class – I took a picture because I love the colours but also for the title as “lighting and thunder” are words that I would use to describe my son, along with loving, smart and witty!

I donated a few earrings today to our friend Astra who is organising a silent auction at the St Vartan Armenian Church. Apparently there are LOTS of great items for grabs, so if you are into jewellery and accessories (as am I) please make your way to the church on November 27. It is free, includes hors d’eouvres and dessert. What else could a girl ask for? oh, they also have a few men’s items and all the proceeds goes to charity!

These are the earrings I donated

They are really pretty. I am very happy with how they turned out. Any feedback is welcome though!

All my senses were tickled today – apart from the eye candy above my taste buds took me back to my childhood. A little Armenian birdie told me that Jack at the Mediterranean Store on the Drive makes really good Bastirma. So off I went to Jack who suggested I get 100 grams to try. Try it I did and I tell you it was YUMMY! You have to be careful though not to eat it right before a first date as you will stink of garlic and the sort ;o)

Here is a picture for you – it doesn’t do its taste justice

Tomorrow is Remembrance Day and a holiday here in Canada…

I hope the end of your week will be filled with good tastes and laughter.


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This past week has been one filled with excitement, both negative and positive. Now, let’s see, where shall I begin?

1. hubbie needs to go to emergency and is diagnosed with pneumonia!

2. the little man finished a two week Armenian dance camp and took part in the finale  performance, which was out of this world!

3. little lady and little man’s cousin came over from Ottawa for two weeks.

4. received a big stash of jewellery supplies, yay! can’t wait to create some new pieces but…

5. alas, work has been VERY busy and I haven’t had much time for creating… nor cooking…

However, yesterday I made one of my favourite summer salads, Tabbouleh, and if I may say so myself it turned out really great, as always ;o)

and to top it all, our good friends, Paolo and Natasha came over too feed us some fantastic pesto pasta, yum!

So, here’s the making of the Tabbouleh in stages…

Take a couple of bunches of parsley and chop, chop, chop…

I always add the bulgur wheat after I chop the parsley to allow it to moisten – you will need fine bulgur wheat… and then a couple of ripe tomatoes (you can increase the amount according to your liking), chop, chop, chop…

Then for some green onions, about three, chop, chop, chop… and then squeeze the juice of three lemons… and about 6 tablespoons of olive oil (I think I actually put more…)

and some salt to taste and mix and there you have it, a fabulous and scrumptious Tabbouleh salad… which I had yesterday with the Fasoulia (green bean dish) and rice that I made…

It was good to eat well after several days of not wanting to cook.

On another note, on an everyday basis, I am discovering wonderful creations and art through other blogs and I will share some of that with you in the next few days… as well as some of my own creations!

Leave me a note whenever and however you like, I would love to hear from you!



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