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Hope you had a wonderful Christmas Day!

This is a quick post to show you what we got up to so far in the countdown to 2011 – 3 days to go!

Christmas Day was pretty relaxed, especially as I did not do any cooking. H spent the morning cooking and then we enjoyed a steaming cup of Armenian coffee with cardamom. yum!

Nibbles were had.

Now this is something that really excited me actually on Christmas Eve. It is a present from a friend who made it for me to display my jewellery. I just love it and am very touched by the very thought of it, really! And the work that she put into it, and she works full time and has two kids! Thank you!

My Little Man got a Ukelele from his dad and they did some rocking together that same day. Just too sweet. I know H, ever the musician, would be chuffed if his son took up guitar or any other instrument for that matter.

We did some art with the Djeco Birds of Paradise Coloured Sand Kit. It was a present from some good friends and let me tell you it is a hit! Thank you!

I must say that the time had with my kids is getting better and better as the years progress. Not to say that I did not like spending time with them since their births. However, as they grow and start talking and understanding more it is such a joy to have conversations with them and to share a joke or two. We are having a great time with both the Little Man and Lady, but our Little Man is surpassing our Little Lady in speech (obviously!) and he wants an explanation for everything. And the most rewarding times are when he is actually listening and sucking it all in and he exudes pride and confidence when we let him make his own decisions within the limits that we set for him. Just priceless times we are living, really!

And talking about priceless… I have this angel on our mantelpiece. I love it. It brings me joy each time I look at it. It was a present from my sister when the Little Lady was born. I hope that you have your angel watching over you making sure you are safe, healthy and happy.

oh, and one last mention relating to my last post. The Polka Dott Cone Shaped Bunny is made by Mymimi. I think it must be sold out as I couldn’t find it on sale on her website… I need to confirm that it was from her though but I am pretty sure she made it.

Enjoy the last few days of 2010.

2011, I am ready!


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After a stroll with the little lady with her singing her ABCs, I am back home, she is asleep and what better time to quickly post a couple of pictures of my new creations. I spent most of the day yesterday making new earrings, bracelets and necklaces. I would love to share all of them with you here but I must work on posting some up on Etsy first. The picture taking and listing on Etsy is a long process; how do you all do it? Any tips?

I visited the Flea Market here in Vancouver on Sunday and found some jewellery pieces which I will be sure to incorporate in my designs.

The Flamenco Rose Necklace.

My Charm Necklace (made with flea market findings). yay!

And the ever loyal Cameo Necklace.

What do you think?


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I did promise to tell you about a house that has intrigued me as of late but I will start with a couple of lovely moments we had with the little people this past weekend – carving pumpkins…

The little people had fun and my husband too – not sure who had the most fun though… then we roasted the pumpkin seeds which turned out scrummy…

and the item that I love using the most these days while using my oven are my new oven mitts!!!

I love them – they are so sweet aren’t they with all the birdies??? I tell you I have a thing for flowers and birds, can’t get enough of them. So much so that I end up buying the famous Ikea tray each time I visit the store with the thought that I will give it as a present to a dear friend because in my world colourful birdies simply brighten up my day!

Oh, you want to know where I got the mitts from? You will never guess! Why Etsy of course, where else? The shop is called Collisionware – I am sure you will love browsing through her items. The mitt set I purchased is VERY well made and I am sure will last me for a long while. I love to know that it is handmade and I supported a creative artist discovered on Etsy.

Ok, finally I get to tell you about the house… thanks for being so patient.

There is this house round the corner from us which I noticed first last year as they had hung beautiful round paper lanterns outside in the spirit of Christmas. I loved how magical and dreamlike they looked especially when the weather was so dreary out. A while later I noticed that they had taken the lanterns down and hung birdhouses instead…

I wanted to photograph these birdhouses (which I did of course) and off I went knocking at their door to ask if it would be ok if I took photos of their outdoors decor. ‘Of course’ they replied and when asked the reason for this decor they simply said that it was just for fun… They did say that it takes a lot of work to change the theme which I would imagine it to be anything but easy and little work. Anyway, I passed by the house again just recently (It is in on the way to my little man’s school so quite hard to avoid) and could you imagine my joy when I saw this…

and this…

aren’t they just too cute????

Can you see them there just hanging out?

Well, these are the things that have rocked my world lately – I have also been crocheting lovely flowers which I will share with you next time… and I finally wrote to O Magazine – Yes, I am a big fan of Oprah but moreso her magazine, just love reading the essays by brilliant writers and I came across one which urged me to write to the opinions section of O… more on this next time…

until then, stay well, warm and beautiful as always!



ps – do drop me a line to tell me what has rocked your world lately – would love to hear it!

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and my partner in crime and photography assistant!

the above items soon to be on sale on Etsy!

thanks for stopping by!


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I really want to write a lot – I get ideas of what I would like to share with you but some never materialise as my life is choc-a-bloc with kids, work, practicalities of home life, hubby… well, you get my drift!

First of all I would really love to share why I chose Colour of Pomegranates to be the title of my blog… to be honest, I chose it on a whim at first but then I realised that subconsciously it was for a reason… I will share this story with you soon!

In the meantime, I keep coming across such talented people that I have to share with you my friend Melina’s talent. Where do I start? Melina is the owner of Papel Vivo and designer of wonderful wedding invitations – as if that weren’t enough she also makes beautiful jewellery from recycled paper – you would never think it when looking at these lovely pieces!

Check out her Etsy shop, Palomaria, and her blog here. I assure you will not be disappointed!

And on the note of jewellery, I am so excited to be sharing some pieces with you shortly.

Watch this space! Until then be well!


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It has been a very good weekend in that I got to spend some time alone on Saturday and the hubbie had the same on Sunday – so relaxed is how we feel. Ok, so things that I did:

1. ordered a big bunch of supplies for new jewels! can’t wait for them to arrive!

2. surfed around the web a bit and came across Amy’s Blog – really like reading it and love her picks in art and new buys – have a look at these wonderful creations – this wonderful wreath and this poster.

love them!

Anyway, I took lots of pictures of the garden today but have not bee able to upload them as family life is calling me – it all has to be left for Tuesday when I get to spend the day all by myself!

until then be well!


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Yes, we went to Cirque du Soleil today – me, the hubbie and the little man. I can tell you that it was magical, pure magic! Many years ago, I fear to remember how many, I went to Allegria (if I am not mistaken) in London and it was fabulous then and it is still is. Those bodies doing such amazing things, I would urge everyone to go and see it just once… it is expensive but worth every single penny!

So, that is one thing that made me happy today (apart from a great morning with my kids as the hubs is working all weekend!) – I have had a sore lower back the last few days, well actually since sitting on the floor of the library a few days ago with two little men and a little lady, reading them many books… I noticed this lower back soreness straight after getting off the floor there and it hasn’t left me every since… so this is one thing that is dampening my mood as it makes me feel like I am getting old and my body cannot accommodate certain things… and the only thing that alleviates this mood is when I am being creative…

And now that I am on the note of creativity, let me share a few things with you…

I think I have nearly finished Lucy’s version of the Ripple Blanket, I am having so much fun crocheting it – here is a close up look of it all bundled up…

What do you think?

And I have been having fun making some more vintage earrings – I have also made a pendant which I will share with you soon… and now for the earrings, oooohhh so exciting, I love them each and every one!

These are some naughty angels!

We all have Blooming Secrets, don’t we?

This is my Black Rose…

What do you think? Aren’t they lovely?

I am just playing with it now and figuring out what my style is – the thing is that you see similar items with all the jewellery suppliers so the key is to find someone or somewhere where there will be one or two original stones or settings etc. I chose the above beads and cabochons because I would wear them myself – I cannot make anything that I would not wear myself…

I am really loving putting all the pieces together – I have to mention that I have dabbled in jewellery making on and off for a few years now but after discovering Tamar and Divine Rose on Etsy and being inspired by their work not to mention all the great artists over there, I feel like maybe I can do something more with it… but for now creating some earrings that I enjoy to wear all the time or can give as a gift to a friend, that is more than sufficient and just wonderful!

aaahhh, and now it is time that I put my head on this lovely pillow of mine and close my eyes to travel to the Kingdom of Nod.

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