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Happy New Year Everyone! Let’s hope it will be filled with lots of good things!

Today was the first day back to school for my Little Man. He was happy to go back especially to show off his new haircut (we had to nearly shave it off as a result of the dreaded L word, yes LICE!). We are over that now I am so happy to say!

I am happy too to be back in our routine. I am a little anxious for my Little Man as he was having a bit of trouble at school towards the end of last year (it is a little weird to say ‘last year’)… However, I am hopeful that all will be well especially as the school is being great about stepping in and helping. I like the Principal a lot.

My Little Lady is back at her daycare where she frequents about 3 days a week while I am at work (REAL work – not artsy at all – but I must say that I do enjoy the ‘conservative’ part of my working life as it adds a different element to it).

So while the Little People were not with me today, I was very productive and made an order for some new supplies. So happy about that! Love the anticipation of awaiting some new supplies with which I can create some new lovely jewellery. Here is a small infusion of colour for you to brighten your day.

We finished making the birds!

So going back to the start of school today. Jivan and I read together for about 20mins and it was a good beginning to our day especially as the book we read was by one of my favourite children’s writer and illustrator Lauren Child. I love Charlie and Lola. We read “I Am Too Absolutely Small For School“. Really enjoyed it!

Can you see Lola’s imaginary friend Soren Lorensen below? How sweet!

Now must dash. Thanks for having stopped by. Leave me a note of you like. Must put my legs in action to go pick up the Little People.

Enjoy the rest of your day!


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Yes I am totally swamped! Why, you might ask. Well, I don’t know (well, apart from two kids etc.). Usually, I am on top of things and I like to be that way but the little lady’s illness last week threw us a little out of whack. She is much better now and is in her lovely cuddly stage and wants mama all the time. Two is such a lovely age isn’t it?

My little people holding hands on the way home from school. Little sister does not want to hold anyone’s hand apart from her big brother’s. aaahhhh!

Our Christmas tree is up! It was a lot of fun decorating it with the little people.

And Mr and Mrs Clown are always together.

I was reading Tamara Taggart’s personal blog the other day and in this particular post she mentions buying fabric portraits of her children from Lori Joy Smith. I was really glad to come across this post as I hadn’t looked at Lori’s blog for ages. I have not met her in person but we have exchanged many emails in the past. I love Lori’s work and one day I too hope to own some of her artwork. Very talented lady!

And now to another talented lady and friend of mine, Dolores, who will entice you with her reviews of books, movies and TV shows. Check her blog out.

I am really looking forward to Christmas. There is a lot to do until that day but I cannot wait to see the little people’s faces light up when they open their presents and my husband’s face too actually as his presents will definitely be a lovely surprise to him.

Hope you are having a happy and healthy day/night wherever you are in the world.


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I follow some blogs and wish I had more time to follow all the other great ones found out there! I love discovering lovely things and imagine my excitement at seeing these calendars in one of Erin’s – Collage Collage – posts.

I have been wanting to go into Erin’s store to browse and have a look at all the lovely things she has and maybe make a purchase or two. For me seeing, touching and experiencing lovely things make me happy instantly. There is beauty in this life and lots of it so why not enjoy it when we can?

So, through this post from Erin, I also discovered Poppytalk who also created the online market Poppytalk Handmade – fabulous! I wanted to apply for their boxing week and valentine market but alas, me not ready yet! But soon, soon….

I have been so busy with work, home and family lately (especially as the little lady has been ill for the best part of this week). Sniffles and coughs all around the house! I am excited though about creating more jewellery and have also signed up for a basic silversmithing course starting in January (my birthday present to me – you know, the 30 mark. ahem…)

Here’s some things that cheered me up this week:

Dolores modelling one of my designs.

My little man’s creation which I discovered one morning. He loves to draw and paint. In fact each morning he spends at least 45 mins doing just that before school. And, I am so happy to see that my favourite colours are influencing his palette!

And the cloth shopping bags I got at the craft sale I took part in. I don’t remember who made them, forgot to pick up a card of hers… but they are so well made and bags which I would rather keep to use in the summertime.

Now must go and start thinking of making some chicken soup for the little ones and the hubbie.


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As I was thinking of how to title this post, ‘trudging along’ came to mind first. I thought it too depressing and thought ‘blogging along’ would sound a little more positive.

I like winter, I like rain, I do like the cold if I am dressed properly for it and have nice clothes to look forward to wearing… but alas, I am only human and the dreary dark short days do get to me at times. Nearing to Christmas is a time when I miss my family and my thoughts become melancholic and the sort… I think you  know what I mean… I am happy though when my little man brings me cute things from his art class…

aren’t they just too cute??

and I am making some jewellery as presents for friends and family…

It is really fun trying out different styles – just love the colours! What do you think?

One of the shops down the street is stocking some of my designs – it’s quite exciting – I will take a picture tomorrow and show it to you.


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We had a fantastic craft sale – it was cosy, friendly, filled with great items and lots of people came.

Our table at the sale – Melina of Palomaria and I shared a table. It was great as our creations complemented each other and the table looked great!

Lots of people were interested in our jewellery – it was really sweet to have young girls ooing and aahing over them! It is quite satisfying to have your work appreciated because sometimes I am too close to it…

and here we are, Meli and I. We had a lot of fun together! Glad to have her as a friend.

Here is Meli’s work. Beautiful. You will have so much fun visiting Palomaria’s Etsy shop.

I want to thank all my friends who came to see me there and everyone who supported us in this sale.

I want to continue creating and slowly but surely I will. Time is the issue as with all mothers who juggle work, kids and home… however, there aren’t any deadlines to creating and so I will continue!


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I think I am ready for the craft sale which starts later on today – yay!

I want to share a few things that put a smile on my face this week…

We made vegan one bit brownies – so yummy – recipe taken from Cara Roth’s blog

I had to keep my neck warm this week with all this cold weather…

A book that lifts my spirits…

It is called “I will make miracles” by Susie Morgenstern, illustrated by

Jiang Hong Chen – It is truly magical looking towards a better world, an ideal world!

And, I finally decided on how to package my creations…

I had some tags made at MOO, they did a fabulous job! What do you think?

and a necklace I picked up during my flea market trip…

And here is a taster of what will be on sale at the craft sale…

and here is a reminder of time and place…

see you then!


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Around this time of the year I miss my family a lot. It gets colder out, the days get shorter and warmth, love and support are needed more. I am lucky though to have some family and good friends I can rely on and vice versa.

So, this week so far has been good. My little girl is turning 2 tomorrow and let me tell you she is right on cue for the terrible twos. My son wasn’t so much, he started a little later at three! However much it is challenging and sometimes my voice is cracking because of you know what, a moment of joy creeps in at the most unexpected times and I am thankful, oh so thankful for everything beautiful around me.

Look at this beauty Jivan created in his class – I took a picture because I love the colours but also for the title as “lighting and thunder” are words that I would use to describe my son, along with loving, smart and witty!

I donated a few earrings today to our friend Astra who is organising a silent auction at the St Vartan Armenian Church. Apparently there are LOTS of great items for grabs, so if you are into jewellery and accessories (as am I) please make your way to the church on November 27. It is free, includes hors d’eouvres and dessert. What else could a girl ask for? oh, they also have a few men’s items and all the proceeds goes to charity!

These are the earrings I donated

They are really pretty. I am very happy with how they turned out. Any feedback is welcome though!

All my senses were tickled today – apart from the eye candy above my taste buds took me back to my childhood. A little Armenian birdie told me that Jack at the Mediterranean Store on the Drive makes really good Bastirma. So off I went to Jack who suggested I get 100 grams to try. Try it I did and I tell you it was YUMMY! You have to be careful though not to eat it right before a first date as you will stink of garlic and the sort ;o)

Here is a picture for you – it doesn’t do its taste justice

Tomorrow is Remembrance Day and a holiday here in Canada…

I hope the end of your week will be filled with good tastes and laughter.


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I did promise to tell you about a house that has intrigued me as of late but I will start with a couple of lovely moments we had with the little people this past weekend – carving pumpkins…

The little people had fun and my husband too – not sure who had the most fun though… then we roasted the pumpkin seeds which turned out scrummy…

and the item that I love using the most these days while using my oven are my new oven mitts!!!

I love them – they are so sweet aren’t they with all the birdies??? I tell you I have a thing for flowers and birds, can’t get enough of them. So much so that I end up buying the famous Ikea tray each time I visit the store with the thought that I will give it as a present to a dear friend because in my world colourful birdies simply brighten up my day!

Oh, you want to know where I got the mitts from? You will never guess! Why Etsy of course, where else? The shop is called Collisionware – I am sure you will love browsing through her items. The mitt set I purchased is VERY well made and I am sure will last me for a long while. I love to know that it is handmade and I supported a creative artist discovered on Etsy.

Ok, finally I get to tell you about the house… thanks for being so patient.

There is this house round the corner from us which I noticed first last year as they had hung beautiful round paper lanterns outside in the spirit of Christmas. I loved how magical and dreamlike they looked especially when the weather was so dreary out. A while later I noticed that they had taken the lanterns down and hung birdhouses instead…

I wanted to photograph these birdhouses (which I did of course) and off I went knocking at their door to ask if it would be ok if I took photos of their outdoors decor. ‘Of course’ they replied and when asked the reason for this decor they simply said that it was just for fun… They did say that it takes a lot of work to change the theme which I would imagine it to be anything but easy and little work. Anyway, I passed by the house again just recently (It is in on the way to my little man’s school so quite hard to avoid) and could you imagine my joy when I saw this…

and this…

aren’t they just too cute????

Can you see them there just hanging out?

Well, these are the things that have rocked my world lately – I have also been crocheting lovely flowers which I will share with you next time… and I finally wrote to O Magazine – Yes, I am a big fan of Oprah but moreso her magazine, just love reading the essays by brilliant writers and I came across one which urged me to write to the opinions section of O… more on this next time…

until then, stay well, warm and beautiful as always!



ps – do drop me a line to tell me what has rocked your world lately – would love to hear it!

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Helly my Dears,

It’s lovely to see you, thanks for making a quick stop here. This week has seen the beginning of a new era in our house – the little man began Kindergarten and it was pretty exciting to tell the truth!

I love my son and through watching him grow I do get nostalgic at times, but I also want him to go to full day Kindergarten and have fun away from me with his peers… So here we are on Wednesday morning on our way to the first day of Kindergarten. The parents were asked to stay for the hour with the kids and I tell you it was a pretty moving hour for me! I loved the teacher, Mrs Lloyd, a well spoken soft lady with a young daughter of her own who just completed Kindergarten.

I feel very positive about the school and hope the best for my little man – fingers crossed!

I think the little lady will miss her brother but she will continue having fun on her own!

Here she is just sitting and contemplating…

and her she is just hanging out… actually not sure what she is trying to do!!

I love the little joys that my kids bring me in this life and I prefer concentrating on the good things that life has given me and is continuing to give me. For a while, I thought about how I would like to write this blog and to be honest it sits best with me when I write about the good things that have happened instead of the bad. As anyone with kids knows, life is challenging with them and there are many hurdles to cross but life is also beautiful with all those hurdles and challenges in them. Don’t you think?

So you wouldn’t be surprised to know then that I am really enjoying reading Amanda Blake Soule‘s blog – this woman is inspiring and it is really interesting to read why she blogs in one of her posts called Snapshots. It got me thinking to why I began writing this blog and one of the reasons is taking the time out and writing about my day/week/month is definitely a meditative ritual. Writing also allows me to empty my mind’s thoughts on paper to allow room for more thoughts. It is a way to share my dreams and creativity with like minded individuals and for now the last thing I can think of is that it pushes me to explore other blogs of wonderful individuals…

What do you tink? Are these good reasons to blog? Who knows, right? Do we really need a reason at all for our actions? Isn’t it just good to do it and continue doing it with sheer feeling and instinct?

Now I should really head off to sleep as my eyes are gravitating and that is the instinct I will follow today.

Thanks so much for stopping by – do you want to leave me a comment? Oh please do, I would love to hear from you!


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I really want to write a lot – I get ideas of what I would like to share with you but some never materialise as my life is choc-a-bloc with kids, work, practicalities of home life, hubby… well, you get my drift!

First of all I would really love to share why I chose Colour of Pomegranates to be the title of my blog… to be honest, I chose it on a whim at first but then I realised that subconsciously it was for a reason… I will share this story with you soon!

In the meantime, I keep coming across such talented people that I have to share with you my friend Melina’s talent. Where do I start? Melina is the owner of Papel Vivo and designer of wonderful wedding invitations – as if that weren’t enough she also makes beautiful jewellery from recycled paper – you would never think it when looking at these lovely pieces!

Check out her Etsy shop, Palomaria, and her blog here. I assure you will not be disappointed!

And on the note of jewellery, I am so excited to be sharing some pieces with you shortly.

Watch this space! Until then be well!


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