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My hubbie was at a conference in Seattle this weekend and despite this our weekend was fun and may I say a little challenging…

So what did we do?

We picked lots of beautiful coloured leaves and used the stroller to carry them as of course the little lady wants nothing to do with the stroller… didn’t you know she is a big girl now, nearly 2… 2 this Thursday, Remembrance Day… well, how can we forget her birthday ever?

and we used them to make crafts…

We went out for a walk again in the afternoon and it was cold… just the weather for the little people to use their scarves… the little man’s was one made by my sister and the little lady’s scarf is one I crocheted last year – actually it was the first thing I made since taking up crocheting (I actually remember I used to crochet with my grandmother when I was little but I didn’t make this scarf then!).

Look at the colour – my absolute favourite colours, PURPLE and pinks!

I actually think I pick out clothes for her that I would wear myself, if only they had them in my size!

So this was all of Saturday and it was a good day albeit a little trying because my little people were being rowdy and well, acting like children! Our babysitter came in the evening, I knew the hubbie would be away so no date night but I thought I could use a couple of hours out of the house. A couple of our dear friends took me to East is East and it was just what I needed, good food and fantastic music accompanied by flamenco dancing. An infusion of fresh air and sound…

And now I will take you back to the start of our weekend when the little man brought home a new piece of art from his class with Jade at Arts Umbrella – I love it, all of it!

Hope your week will be filled with lovely colours and smiles!


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I really want to write a lot – I get ideas of what I would like to share with you but some never materialise as my life is choc-a-bloc with kids, work, practicalities of home life, hubby… well, you get my drift!

First of all I would really love to share why I chose Colour of Pomegranates to be the title of my blog… to be honest, I chose it on a whim at first but then I realised that subconsciously it was for a reason… I will share this story with you soon!

In the meantime, I keep coming across such talented people that I have to share with you my friend Melina’s talent. Where do I start? Melina is the owner of Papel Vivo and designer of wonderful wedding invitations – as if that weren’t enough she also makes beautiful jewellery from recycled paper – you would never think it when looking at these lovely pieces!

Check out her Etsy shop, Palomaria, and her blog here. I assure you will not be disappointed!

And on the note of jewellery, I am so excited to be sharing some pieces with you shortly.

Watch this space! Until then be well!


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Well, it’s not really a list – it is just one thing that I have had my eye on before and suddenly I came across it again… and now that we are going to New York end September… Do you think this is a sign… I LOVE the Elliot Mann bags, love, love, love!!!

Aahhh, what a beauty! and of course it is sold as these are one of a kind bags…

good night y’all!


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I am happy to say that I joined Ravelry yesterday and am very happy about it as it will be a great place to share my crochet projects and to get feedback from other crafters. I have to make some friends in Vancouver first – I think when I looked there were nearly 2000 members from Vancouver!

Also today I received a new stash of jewellery supplies and I am so excited to make the next batch of jewellery – I will share them with you very soon…

… before I retire to bed (I am really tired and have to get some sleep before another day with the little drunken people!), I want to share a clothing company here in Vancouver, Adhesif Clothing, which I love – they are expensive but really worth have one or two unique items – my favourite so far is the Sorraia Scarf from their Autum-Winter 2009 Collection.

Oh, Oh, Oh finally – I am so excited that my friend Melina is making me earrings to match this necklace – it makes my heart skip and when it does that it means I love it!

and on this note, good night and sweet dreams!


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