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I think I am ready for the craft sale which starts later on today – yay!

I want to share a few things that put a smile on my face this week…

We made vegan one bit brownies – so yummy – recipe taken from Cara Roth’s blog

I had to keep my neck warm this week with all this cold weather…

A book that lifts my spirits…

It is called “I will make miracles” by Susie Morgenstern, illustrated by

Jiang Hong Chen – It is truly magical looking towards a better world, an ideal world!

And, I finally decided on how to package my creations…

I had some tags made at MOO, they did a fabulous job! What do you think?

and a necklace I picked up during my flea market trip…

And here is a taster of what will be on sale at the craft sale…

and here is a reminder of time and place…

see you then!


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After a stroll with the little lady with her singing her ABCs, I am back home, she is asleep and what better time to quickly post a couple of pictures of my new creations. I spent most of the day yesterday making new earrings, bracelets and necklaces. I would love to share all of them with you here but I must work on posting some up on Etsy first. The picture taking and listing on Etsy is a long process; how do you all do it? Any tips?

I visited the Flea Market here in Vancouver on Sunday and found some jewellery pieces which I will be sure to incorporate in my designs.

The Flamenco Rose Necklace.

My Charm Necklace (made with flea market findings). yay!

And the ever loyal Cameo Necklace.

What do you think?


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Hello all you lovely people out there!

Do you remember when I mentioned here that my friend Meli and I will be taking part in a craft sale at the end of November – yes it is true and here is the funky flyer!

and remember about the crochet flowers that I was making…

They are really a joy to make and pretty quick – I have made them into brooches and if I get the time to make more then I will be selling them at the sale and at a very reasonable price too! I love the colours – these were made with a yarn that has silver sparkle in it – very beautiful.

And of course, getting ready for the sale (don’t ask me where I get the time to do all this because I don’t have the time to do it but as it gives me so much joy I make time to do it – does this make sense at all?)… so going back to the beginning of this sentence… In the midst of getting ready for my sale, I want to share the following picture with you…

Yes, I agree, beauties aren’t they? I love them so much!

Anyhow, must get on and deal with all the things that need to be dealt with.

be well



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It has been a busy past few days for me and the family – yes, Halloween!!!  I grew up in London, England so I wasn’t really used to Halloween and I don’t know if I am now but you know what… it is so much fun watching kids, mine and others, get so excited about dressing up and going trick-or-treating… and here are some pictures of our weekend…

My Spiderman at his school parade…

The little people at the Halloween party at the Armenian school on Saturday…

and the little man playing around with the camera…

and of course I must include a photo of a beautiful flower shop I happened to pass by at the weekend! Aren’t they gorgeous looking?

Sunday was not really a good day for me… I was feeling completely down on energy and a little ill. So the hubbie took the kids for a few hours and guess what I did? No, I did not fold laundry, nor did I clean the house, nor did I do paperwork!!! Instead I lounged on the couch and watched two films – yes TWO films!!! Can you believe it? but I don’t want you to read about my rest, I want to tell you about this wonderful film I watched at the advice of the hubbie… and I loved it and I am sure you will love it too. It is called between the folds, a documentary about origami – it was just magical and beautiful… Have a look:

It is so wonderful seeing the work of artists knowing that they have spent years and years perfecting their techniques. I love the wackiness of some of the people in the documentary and it leaves you with the feeling of possibilities… anything is possible…

I want to share the flowers I am crocheting with you but haven’t really had a moment to photograph them today – I will share them with you tomorrow…

see you then!



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I don’t know what has happened lately – it is BUSY, very BUSY… Little man started school, as per my last post, and instead of life easing up a little it has created the opposite effect. However, we are happy and healthy and that is what is important isn’t it?

We just celebrated Thanksgiving in Canada and it was a long weekend spent with loved ones; family and friends. I was really touched by a phone call from a friend who was at another friend’s house on Vancouver Island and she had to call me to ask me to post some more pictures of my crochet as they were talking about crochet and other forms of creativity and they wanted to see my work. It instills a little more confidence in me when someone else appreciates my work, don’t we all want to have people admire our work and say nice things about them – I love doing that about other’s work.

So, Alix and Chantey, here are some pictures of my crochet which I don’t think I posted on this blog yet and if I already have then please forgive me. (btw, Chantey is a great artist – more on this lady later – and Alix runs Green Room Yoga in Vancouver)

Crochet bag – from Attic24

I think I have shown you this scarf before – again from Attic24

Some of my own creations – neck warmers

and finally, a cushion cover!

I will be back soon with lots of new jewellery – I am having great fun making them, well at least when I find the time which is not very often these days and her is a sneak preview!

Stay well until we next meet!


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and my partner in crime and photography assistant!

the above items soon to be on sale on Etsy!

thanks for stopping by!


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I was reminded today of all the things that I am thankful for in my life and here are a few of them:

I can be creative and admire my creations!

I am able to see beauty and colour and be thankful to them for making my heart skip! (Of course, the scarf on the left is Lucy’s creation)

This week has been one where I have felt pretty disorganised and the scattered toys around the house don’t make it any better… at times it is frustrating but today I tried to find some humour in it…

then of course there is the super cuteness of the little lady…

and my little man’s artwork!

So, yes, there are lots of things to be thankful for… what are the things you are thankful for?


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I am loving these flowers and watching my garden blossom! It’s a lot of work but oh so enjoyable – the little man already helps me as much as he can and my little lady will be doing the same as she grows older so I can anticipate that gardening will become more fun as the years develop and progress…

And now a picture of the little lady doing what she loves best – dressing up! She has become quite the independent dresser and wants to decide everything that she wears – so much so that we went to church with pyjama bottoms on yesterday (at least there was a beach dress covering the pyjama bottom!). She loves the barefoot carefree kind of life, then again who doesn’t? Or when not barefoot she loves to put on her rain boots in the scorching heat!

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It has been a very good weekend in that I got to spend some time alone on Saturday and the hubbie had the same on Sunday – so relaxed is how we feel. Ok, so things that I did:

1. ordered a big bunch of supplies for new jewels! can’t wait for them to arrive!

2. surfed around the web a bit and came across Amy’s Blog – really like reading it and love her picks in art and new buys – have a look at these wonderful creations – this wonderful wreath and this poster.

love them!

Anyway, I took lots of pictures of the garden today but have not bee able to upload them as family life is calling me – it all has to be left for Tuesday when I get to spend the day all by myself!

until then be well!


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Here in Vancouver, life is somewhat beautiful and it seems that now this beauty is at its peak. It is sunny, hot and beautiful Vancouver – what we like to see always but alas this warmth does not stay with us for most of the year.

Personally, I am having a great time making jewellery and here are a couple of samples for you!

I call this one Red Flirting with Blue – I just love it and it looks even better in real!

And this one is called Quiet Passion – I just thought it was bursting with passion yet very subtle at the same time…

I am so excited about this process, am enjoying it thoroughly and maybe soon an Etsy shop will be opened. What do you think?

And another thing that makes me very happy and excited are the beautiful colours of summer flowers… Here are a couple that are currently living on our porch! Beautiful aren’t they?

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