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It felt like a long weekend with Thursday being Remembrance Day…

My little lady is two now

My little man made these great glasses (a bit like John Lennon) at Arts Umbrella

I bought these beautiful ceramic buttons at the Emily Carr Student Sale – they are pieces of art, it would be a shame to put them on clothes… They are by local Vancouver designer Gabriellephant.

And I am so glad to see Mary has began writing on her blog, Egg of the Day! Mary is the owner of Little Nest, a lovely spot just around the corner from our house.

I’ll be back in the week to share some new jewellery designs with you.

take care


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Around this time of the year I miss my family a lot. It gets colder out, the days get shorter and warmth, love and support are needed more. I am lucky though to have some family and good friends I can rely on and vice versa.

So, this week so far has been good. My little girl is turning 2 tomorrow and let me tell you she is right on cue for the terrible twos. My son wasn’t so much, he started a little later at three! However much it is challenging and sometimes my voice is cracking because of you know what, a moment of joy creeps in at the most unexpected times and I am thankful, oh so thankful for everything beautiful around me.

Look at this beauty Jivan created in his class – I took a picture because I love the colours but also for the title as “lighting and thunder” are words that I would use to describe my son, along with loving, smart and witty!

I donated a few earrings today to our friend Astra who is organising a silent auction at the St Vartan Armenian Church. Apparently there are LOTS of great items for grabs, so if you are into jewellery and accessories (as am I) please make your way to the church on November 27. It is free, includes hors d’eouvres and dessert. What else could a girl ask for? oh, they also have a few men’s items and all the proceeds goes to charity!

These are the earrings I donated

They are really pretty. I am very happy with how they turned out. Any feedback is welcome though!

All my senses were tickled today – apart from the eye candy above my taste buds took me back to my childhood. A little Armenian birdie told me that Jack at the Mediterranean Store on the Drive makes really good Bastirma. So off I went to Jack who suggested I get 100 grams to try. Try it I did and I tell you it was YUMMY! You have to be careful though not to eat it right before a first date as you will stink of garlic and the sort ;o)

Here is a picture for you – it doesn’t do its taste justice

Tomorrow is Remembrance Day and a holiday here in Canada…

I hope the end of your week will be filled with good tastes and laughter.


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My hubbie was at a conference in Seattle this weekend and despite this our weekend was fun and may I say a little challenging…

So what did we do?

We picked lots of beautiful coloured leaves and used the stroller to carry them as of course the little lady wants nothing to do with the stroller… didn’t you know she is a big girl now, nearly 2… 2 this Thursday, Remembrance Day… well, how can we forget her birthday ever?

and we used them to make crafts…

We went out for a walk again in the afternoon and it was cold… just the weather for the little people to use their scarves… the little man’s was one made by my sister and the little lady’s scarf is one I crocheted last year – actually it was the first thing I made since taking up crocheting (I actually remember I used to crochet with my grandmother when I was little but I didn’t make this scarf then!).

Look at the colour – my absolute favourite colours, PURPLE and pinks!

I actually think I pick out clothes for her that I would wear myself, if only they had them in my size!

So this was all of Saturday and it was a good day albeit a little trying because my little people were being rowdy and well, acting like children! Our babysitter came in the evening, I knew the hubbie would be away so no date night but I thought I could use a couple of hours out of the house. A couple of our dear friends took me to East is East and it was just what I needed, good food and fantastic music accompanied by flamenco dancing. An infusion of fresh air and sound…

And now I will take you back to the start of our weekend when the little man brought home a new piece of art from his class with Jade at Arts Umbrella – I love it, all of it!

Hope your week will be filled with lovely colours and smiles!


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Hello dear ones!

Good to be back here ready to share snippets of our last few days – to be honest I did want to write earlier but alas family life does call me loudly and I have no choice but to run answering!

Well, let’s see, where to begin – we had the little man’s friend’s birthday at the weekend and it was just full of joy and fun – it is always lovely to see kids laughing dancing and finding their way in this big wide beautiful world. To top it all, the Birthday Boy had a lovely cake made for him by a good friend of the family and it looked fabulous…

Isn’t it a fab rocket ship?  I love it! It inspired me – so much so that I am going to attempt to make a cake (theme to be determined) for my little man’s birthday in a couple of weeks!

What else happened in the past few days? oh yes, the grandparents returned from a Scandinavian cruise and brought back some lovely goodies with them, one of them being a Matryoshka doll (although that was not intended for us – boohoo!) – isn’t it lovely though? the colours, that smile, that beauty?

We received a lovely book of Russian fairy tales and a couple of other things which I will share with you tomorrow.

But most exciting of all, guess what? My little man begins Kindergarten tomorrow – am I ready? NO! am I excited? YES, YES, YES!

Another thing that excited me today was Lucy’s post and her Toilet Roll Project – what fun people she created and I think I will follow her footsteps when I get some time to be creative! As if that wasn’t enough, Lucy led me to another lovely blog, Teawagon Tales, which I will try and follow whenever time allows me – here is Jane’s toilet roll creations – I love stumbling upon creative people and get inspiration from their work, just love it!

And finally, I just visited Amy and look what wonders she has led me to – Ellen Giggenbach! Thanks Amy!

Well, my dears, I must go and have a little tea before putting my head on my pillow to nodland!

Stay well and see you soon xx

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