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I was reminded today of all the things that I am thankful for in my life and here are a few of them:

I can be creative and admire my creations!

I am able to see beauty and colour and be thankful to them for making my heart skip! (Of course, the scarf on the left is Lucy’s creation)

This week has been one where I have felt pretty disorganised and the scattered toys around the house don’t make it any better… at times it is frustrating but today I tried to find some humour in it…

then of course there is the super cuteness of the little lady…

and my little man’s artwork!

So, yes, there are lots of things to be thankful for… what are the things you are thankful for?


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Yes, we went to Cirque du Soleil today – me, the hubbie and the little man. I can tell you that it was magical, pure magic! Many years ago, I fear to remember how many, I went to Allegria (if I am not mistaken) in London and it was fabulous then and it is still is. Those bodies doing such amazing things, I would urge everyone to go and see it just once… it is expensive but worth every single penny!

So, that is one thing that made me happy today (apart from a great morning with my kids as the hubs is working all weekend!) – I have had a sore lower back the last few days, well actually since sitting on the floor of the library a few days ago with two little men and a little lady, reading them many books… I noticed this lower back soreness straight after getting off the floor there and it hasn’t left me every since… so this is one thing that is dampening my mood as it makes me feel like I am getting old and my body cannot accommodate certain things… and the only thing that alleviates this mood is when I am being creative…

And now that I am on the note of creativity, let me share a few things with you…

I think I have nearly finished Lucy’s version of the Ripple Blanket, I am having so much fun crocheting it – here is a close up look of it all bundled up…

What do you think?

And I have been having fun making some more vintage earrings – I have also made a pendant which I will share with you soon… and now for the earrings, oooohhh so exciting, I love them each and every one!

These are some naughty angels!

We all have Blooming Secrets, don’t we?

This is my Black Rose…

What do you think? Aren’t they lovely?

I am just playing with it now and figuring out what my style is – the thing is that you see similar items with all the jewellery suppliers so the key is to find someone or somewhere where there will be one or two original stones or settings etc. I chose the above beads and cabochons because I would wear them myself – I cannot make anything that I would not wear myself…

I am really loving putting all the pieces together – I have to mention that I have dabbled in jewellery making on and off for a few years now but after discovering Tamar and Divine Rose on Etsy and being inspired by their work not to mention all the great artists over there, I feel like maybe I can do something more with it… but for now creating some earrings that I enjoy to wear all the time or can give as a gift to a friend, that is more than sufficient and just wonderful!

aaahhh, and now it is time that I put my head on this lovely pillow of mine and close my eyes to travel to the Kingdom of Nod.

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Lazy Sunday

After a hard week, Sunday has proven to be a relaxing day as it should be! I have really welcomed the lack of sunshine today although now it is peeping out through the clouds now and then.

I have been crocheting a blanket which pattern I got from the wonderful Lucy at Attic24 – it’s called the Neat Ripple Blanket and I am so pleased with how it has turned out – Needless to say I will be sharing it with you pretty soon!

In the meantime, here are some of the crocheting I have been doing in the last little while – I am now working on some creations of my own which I will share with you all.

This is a bag which pattern I got again from Lucy at Attic24 – actually the next couple of projects are from her – I love her work and it inspires me to create my own!

Love this scarf – it was really fun to work on!

I made some neck warmers – my own creations! Aren’t they lovely?

A pillow cover! love it!

And finally a tray that I was introduced to by Lucy and I adore it so much that I went and bought many from Ikea to give to friends. It just makes me happy to look at, simply happy!

Hope you enjoyed this post! I know I did!

bye for now


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